What is a hammam towel?


The hammam towel is one of the most versatile travel accessories of recent years, but why are we only discovering this now? The hammam towel has existed for about 6 centuries and was originally made in Turkey. A thinly woven towel made of hydrophil cotton. They were used in traditional Turkish bathhouses (hamam) as a wrap (peshtemal) where it was used to cover the body.


What do you use a hammam towel for?

Today the hammam towel is larger in size and therefore more versatile. You can use it for almost anything, such as the beach, travelling, sauna, swimming pool, camping, sports, as a beach towel, bath towel, scarf, pareo, yoga towel, blanket, as a wrap for your child you name it.


Where does the name hammam towel come from?                                                                                     

Hammam and towel, then the most logical name seems to be hammam towel. People in Turkey call the hammam towel a peshtemal or pestemal and in Tunisia a fouta.


What´s a good hammam towel?                                                                                                                       

At least not the cheap hammam towels from some shops. Do not be tempted by hand woven hammam towels. Hand weaving is an old craft and is usually done as a hobby and not for the commercial market. Choose quality and the things you like or value about a hammam towel. That can be colour, lenght, design or durability. It is all possible at Hamam Secrets.


Durable hammam towels!                                                                                                                               

Sustainable means that fabrics and yarns are made of organic cotton, with extra attention for people and the environment.


Suggestions for long lasting enjoyment of your hammam towel!

By keeping to the rules, little can actually go wrong. Also important, use where it´s made for. The same goes for washing, follow the washing instructions and with a little love you can enjoy it for a long time.

Washing the hammam towel

All our hammam towels are made of 100% pure Turkish Cotton and/or Bamboo.



Washing for the first time, we recommend that you put the hammam towels in cold water for a day. This is good for the fibres and ensures that the hammam towel shrinks minimally. Wash separately at maximum 30 degrees with a little detergent and without fabric softener. The use of fabric softener reduces moisture absorption. An alternative to fabric softener is vinegar, just the one you use for your salad. Put a little vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. This softens the water and removes the last lime and soap residues. Good for your washing machine too! And no, you don´t smell any more of it. To avoid problems with zippers and buttons on your other laundry, we recommend that you keep the hammam towels washed separately.



Let the hammam towels dry naturally. Hammam towels are relatively thin, which means they dry very quickly. Drying in the dryer can damage the cotton, this also applies to ironing, we advise not to do this.



All hammam towels are woven. One loose thread can be corrected by two things. First, pull the hammam towel in a straight line at the edge of the thread. This way you make sure that the loose thread is back where it belongs. If you still have a single loose wire, carefully cut it off with a scissor.



All the fringes are hand knotted. If necessary, you can easily re-knot them yourself and put them on carefully.